There Is Boom For Cosmetic Surgery for Men Why?

cosmetic surgery has come to stay, its  very accepted in the world and gradually creeping in into Africa.

Who say’s cosmetic surgery is for women only?

For some of us, cosmetic surgery for males is very unusual, as natural beauty has always been the forte of women. Men like women, are now indulged into a faster and more effective way of enhancing their appearance. They also want to appear great and take care of their body. And cosmetic surgery for men is definitely a practical option.


For men, the purpose of cosmetic surgery is to redefine a skin which has been injured or after a sudden accident, burn or disease. They’re conscious enough that they want those unwanted marks to be removed on their body.


But today, the situation seems to be outmoded, cosmetic surgery operation is dominant among men who want to have a change on how they look. They merely opt for a facial cosmetic surgery, like correcting the eyebrows, nose, lips, and even a total face lift.

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Cosmetic Surgery and Men

Cosmetic surgery is defined as a surgical operation that involves the removal of marks, scars, and modification and alteration of body features, by creating and giving it a new and better look.

Latest research and studies explain that men are showing more eagerness and willingness concerning cosmetic surgery. They are more prepared to undergo cosmetic procedures and anti-aging operation such as wrinkle reduction, face lift and so on.

On the other hand, the data of beauty clinics and cosmetic surgeons, say that 78% of women are undergoing cosmetic surgery. This would simply mean that 22% of men undergo the same surgical operation. It can be concluded that the willingness of men towards cosmetic surgery is a bit less compared to women.

Yet, the information in the current market estimate that the rate of men who visit beauty clinics and undergo cosmetic surgery procedures is growing. The rate is said to be approximately 20% yearly.

Cosmetic surgery procedures available for men

Men unlike women have limited or inadequate options when it come to enhancing beauty. For men, a perfect face and body should be balanced. Any variation, even if how little it is, should be given the scope of modification.

Here are few of the common cosmetic surgery procedures most men prefer:

1. Hair Transplantation
Unlike women, men are really more prone to hair loss. Baldness is inevitable. It is something that is not easy to handle. The only procedure that men can opt for is through hair transplantation. Cosmetic surgeons are 99% successful in rejuvenating that loss hair.

2. Breast Liposuction
Men tend to eat more than women. They are prone to becoming obese. In time, fat build up in different parts of the body. But the most embarrassing part is when their breasts tend to develop. Thus, they can no longer wear fit shirts.
Men having these problems opt for liposuction. The process of liposuction is one of the best ways to get the stored fats away from the area. Liposuction only takes for about an hour or two to complete the operation. Even young boys who are obese can undergo this process.

3. Wrinkle Treatment
Aging is something that cannot be stopped. And one its common effect is the development of wrinkles in the forehead. Most men have thick skin that’s why wrinkles are much obvious. To minimize those deep folds and look younger, men can undergo clear cut operation.


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