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Sport betting addiction problem in Nigeria, How to know if you are an addict and 4 solution to overcome it.

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What is sport betting?

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Spot betting is the system of telling sports results and placing a your money where your mouth is,  at the right prediction usually there are hansom reward in greater percentage. In sport betting the better must predict the outcome of the sporting event before the actual sporting event kickoff.

Take for instance, a better who wants to bet a  football game, same an English premier league game between Manchester united and Bonely, must predict who amongst these two clubs who will either:

  1. Win the football match
  2. Win the first throw in of the match
  3. Win the first Conner kick of the match
  4. If the match will be draw and so on

The betting company usually set reward (Odd as usually called) according to strength, for instance if Manchester united is the strongest side amongst the two football clubs and have tendency of wining or according to their previous meetings Manchester united have always win, the betting company will give Manchester united a lower odd on winning and a higher odd on loose, whereas Bunley a higher odd on loosing and higher odd on loosing.

Types of sport betting available in Nigeria

Football betting sighted about is one aspect of sport betting even though the most popular, there are:

  1. Horse race betting
  2. Car race betting
  3. Human race betting
  4. Basketball betting
  5. Boxing betting and so on

Needless say that each of these types of sport betting have inherent expertise and challenges, every betting is either loose or win as they usually say. It’s a war between the bookmarker (the owwners of the sporting companies) and the player ( the one predicting out comes with is money on the line)

Is sport betting risky?

The answer is yes, it’s a high risk exercise, in most cases the betters ends up losing all their money including their assets alongside.

Why do Nigerians / Africans bet?

Most Nigerian’s / African see betting as a quick solution to make money and come out of poverty, the book makers usually set mouthwatering prizes to be  won, the prizes are almost irresistible according to betting addicts.

Who is a sport betting addict?

A betting addict is one who almost can’t do without sport betting (this is according to how the see their selves at that moment in time) sport betting is a cercological problem according to Professor Moris Edet of university of calabar.

How do examine your status?

Not all sport betters are addicts, there are many categories of sport betting.

  1. The first category are those who bet for fun, they really don’t care much about the out come, they just put in minimal resources, all for the laughs.
  2. The second category of sport betters are the football analysts who like putting their expertise to test, they don’t often bet with money, they bet amongst collogues and friends verbally.
  3. The next category are the heavy betters who depend on the outcome of the bet to run their daily lives, these set of people do betting often.

Are you are sport better? Use the above analogy to know your category.

What is the faith of addicted sport betters?

Because the book makers are out here to make money with their sport business, the sport betters are always the victim and often times ends up disappointed and depress.

An addicted sport better can sell his house and personal belonging to play a bet in most cases could suffer lost and begin life from the scratch again.

Does sport betting addiction have solutions?

Yes it does, every physiological problems can be corrected through mind training, restriction and self-control.

4 solution methods to overcome sport betting addiction

Here are four (4) methods to overcome sport betting addiction

  1. Admit it ( tell yourself its evil)
  2. Seek Therapy , Join a support group ( Christian group) and open up
  3. Get busy
  4. Remove all betting apps and connections

Want to get free from sport betting? here are the do and don’ts


  • Let them know that you love them no matter what.
  • Emphasize the fact that you recognize that gambling addiction is a disorder and not a moral failing.
  • Find your own source of support.
  • Help your loved one find treatment, enroll in that treatment, and maintain it through therapy sessions and 12-step meetings in the long term.


  • Pay off your loved one’s gambling debts. It simply enables them to get into more debt.
  • Assume that there will be any overnight changes during sports betting addiction treatment. True healing takes time.
  • Micromanage your loved one’s recovery. Holding them accountable doesn’t mean harassing them, lecturing, or signing them up for extra treatment that they don’t want.
  • Say you’ll leave/throw them out/cut them off financially or make any other threats unless you intend to actually follow through.

Conclusion and solution

Sport betting have destroyed many Nigeria and African youths, many of which are either currently homeless as a result or indulged in a crime to meet up regular betting.

Identifying and dealing with this cancerous problem should be the responsibility of everyone in Nigeria, in Poblemfix community, we highly discourage members on participating on sport betting.

What Problemfix Community is doing about sport betting addiction problems in Nigeria /  Africa

  1. We are supporting addicts with the necessary therapy
    1. We are engaging addicts with useful activities
    1. We are crusading against sport addiction
    1. We are giving financial support through the help of our community members.

Are you an addicted sport better who needs help? Reach out to any problem fix community counselors through this email ( ) for help .   

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