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Know about Cosmetic Laser Surgery

One of the more famous uses of laser is not the lightsaber in the Star Wars movies. It is best used in cosmetic laser surgery.

It can be noted that the use of laser goes way back some years from now. It was only later on that its use was made innovative in the world of medicine.

The advantages of lasers in cosmetic surgery.

1. Control bleeding.

Lasers have been known to control bleeding once it is sliced through the tissue of the patient. Since losing blood during the operation is risky, it is important that it should be contained so that additional problems will be avoided.

2. Deep penetration.

Lasers can penetrate deeper than scalpels. They can go through areas that cannot be penetrated by scalpels in normal cosmetic surgery procedures.

Lasers can also point to the specific part of the tissue without putting damage on other tissues around. The use of laser is especially essential when the tissue to be operated on is small and is very sensitive to pressure or slightest movement.

Discovery of laser in cosmetic surgery.

In the past, laser was used solely in removing pimple scars. During the process, doctors noticed that wrinkles surrounding the area were also removed. The resurfacing process was also one means of refreshing the surface of the skin. Not only that, a brand-new layer of youthful and intact skin was also formed.

It was studied later on that when laser comes into contact with the skin, it forms collagen which helps in giving the skin a youthful appearance. It can be noted that some of the factors that destroy collagen are bad body habits and aging.

Notice that the skin of smokers is not as young looking compared to those who does not smoke. Together with aging, this can result to more wrinkles early on.

Cosmetic laser surgery can refresh the skin. But it cannot bring back the original state of your skin.

The cosmetic laser surgery procedure.

Lasers can be beneficial to your treatment if it is done right. But overexposure to it can cause serious damage to your skin. This is why not all surgeons are capable of using laser in their surgeries. The same goes with patients. Not all patients can go through cosmetic laser surgery.

There are persons that have sensitive skin. If this is the case, then they will not be able to tolerate the treatment after the actual procedure. Or maybe, they might not be able to go through the cosmetic procedure itself.

This is why patients are asked to consult their surgeon before going through the treatment. The doctor needs to do some check up on skin types and other aspects that will prove vital in the surgery.

If surgeons tell you that your skin type is not compatible with this type of surgery, then you better off backing off so you will not regret any decisions later on.

For those who have undergone the procedure, expect some swelling on your skin. This is only natural. In addition, your skin will appear bruised and raw for a few days.

Cosmetic laser surgery is not meant to make you flawless. It also does not guarantee that your skin will look the same as it was when you were younger. On the other hand, expect your skin to look better than it was before the cosmetic laser surgery.

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