Here Why You Business Is Not Growing

Are you here because your business growth is quite stunted? with my experience eyes I can tell the reason is because you are seriously abusing  law 15 of HMT business law 101

” which states that you should not buy anything when you have not sold anything for the day”

As covered in todays How market today inspirational.



Are you one of those who just started a business and hope the babe business solves your day to day needs? sorry businesses are not cash cows, the are a living thing. whilst that business will make you supper rich as promised, do allow it to grow to maturity to be able to do that. want to know how to do that?

Here is the solution, just obey HMT business law no15

Don’t buy anything yet until you sell anything,

This sounds very harsh and probably as though one of the most difficult things do on earth, but truth is,

  1. Even businesses obeys natural laws, the moment anything starts depleting without replenishing, it begins to die.

You could argue that, it’s not always the case after all every dog has its day, hoping that one little by little debits will not hurt anybody, but the law speaks for its self and its natural.

  1. Another fact is that, if you put this law into consideration, you will save more and concentrate on selling so you can buy your needs, so it’s a motivation.

  1. It helps you give your business the respect it deserves, most small business owner have the attitude of disrespecting their business finance a lot, just because the own and sign the cash book, they fill they can spend out of the business just any how they wish to, but HMT business law no5 states that it’s a killer business act.


I hope putting this law into consideration helps you grow your business.


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