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Ensuring the safety and security of a website is the foremost essentiality for any business domain. And when it comes to WordPress, one of the most popular content publishing platforms that are being used by millions of people every day then it becomes ever so important to keep it even safer and secure from the prying eyes of hackers, viruses, spams, and more. This is why you need to have the very best WordPress security plugins for your website.



With over 2 million people using this popular security plugin, the solution is able to take care and detect any of the vulnerabilities of the website in WordPress.

Download Worffence free wordpress security plugin

Number to best free wordpress plugin on our list is:


Malcare is known to be one of the powerful and comprehensive security plugins for WordPress. It detects and removes malware faster than any other plugin out there in the market. It, not just auto-cleans a hacked site but also prevents it from having further security compromise. Its login protection and firewall feature blocks out any suspicious IP’s or malicious activities without

Key Highlights & Features

  • A cloud-based security plugin that doesn’t slows down WordPress site
  • A very user-friendly plugin that totally cleans traces of malware from WordPress sites
  • WordPress Firewall Protection in real time
  • Monitor uptime and performances
  • Scheduled and custom reporting feature
  • Runs on its own server to keep the performance of the site unaffected
  • Backups and restoring facility is integrated

shredding the server resources.

Download Worffence free wordpress security plugin

Number 3 best wordpress plugin on our list is choose by an SEO consultant who knows his onion, this wordpress security plugin is called the bulletproof, funny right? but works like the name indicates.

BulletProof Security

The bulletproof security wordpress plugin is another very highly rated and robust security plugin for your WordPress site that keeps the site secured by including a powerful firewall and protecting it from “Brute Force Attack’. All it needs is to set it up carefully and once it is up and running you are all set to host all your website’s basic security measures.

Download Bulletproof Security plugin for FREE

Shield Security WordPress plugin

Shield Security is a free security plugin for WordPress that has a high rating on’s plugin directory.

The plugin focuses on being as silent as possible by lowering alerts and notifications to the minimum and automating most of the functions. It comes with a guided configuration wizard that makes setting Shield Security plugin as easy as possible.

Shield Security plugin features include

  • Protection from Automatic Brute-Force attacks done by bots by limiting login attempts
  • Automatically blacklists offending IP addresses
  • Detection of malicious file changes by scanning WordPress core files
  • Built-in Automatic SPAM protection
  • 2-Factor Authentication via email and Google Authenticator app

Download Shield Security plugin for FREE

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