1K for Advertisement  For Your Business For Complete one month!


Place your advertisement on problemfix platform and tell Nigerian the kind of problems you or your business is fixing.

Problemfix platform is a growing platform with over 7,000 real visit every day and average of  two hundred and ten thousand (210,000) real visitors every month.


We are giving opportunity to every business owner to announce their business problem solving solutions to Nigeria’s for just 1,000 naira for complete one month duration.


Look At This Comparison

  1. You spend almost N10,000 printing N1,000 flyers only to reach 50 people with almost no one interested or making inquiries about your business.


  1. You spend an average of N25,000 or more for 1 minute advertising in radio with over 99% of listeners tuning off from ads, few calls with no result.


  1. You spend over N40,000 for one minute on TV advertisement with almost certainly no results.


  1. Social media AD this days are limited and large amount of money are wasted also.



  1. Its ridiculously cheap and effective:

Come to think of it, advertisement for one full month for just one thousand naira, with all these benefits? Just wow.


  1. Natural Advertisement:

nobody is tuning off, everybody is looking for solution to fix their problems and seeing your business will could be the contact point.


  1. Long duration of stay:

for one full month, a lot could happen, your advertisement on problemfix platform running for one full month for just 1k you have nothing to loose at.


  1. Visibility:

If even only 2,000 people see your brand for just 1k it’s a whole lot, talk less of over 210,000 for just 1k.


  1. Links: backlinks:

Links and backlinks  is everything to a growing brand, leave your backlink to an authority website and see how much your company website will rank on google.



Its very easy just contact or whatsapp 07036248614 .