5 Best free but effective wordpress plugin to speed up your website

There will be no point wasting your time, here is it, 7 best free plugin that will drastically speed up your wordpress site.

Am sure you already know the benefits of speeds but incase you dont let me just remind the benefit of speed to your website.

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1.   Improve User Experience

The main reason to speed up a website is to improve visitors experience.  Even without Google concerns about speed, many users will abandon a website with a poor performance.  Most website owners make a great effort to engage visitors through their content and graphics, but the real first impression is their website loading time. Since 1994, research has demonstrated how in terms of usability speed is a major need.  Users need a fast response in order to freely navigate and explore the content and their attention would collapse at loading times beyond the 10 seconds.

Achieve marketing goals

Optimizing your site to accelerate the loading time will help you to reach your marketing goals.  No matter if you are looking to improve conversionreduce bounce rate, sales or just improving the service for your customers. 

Conversion and Revenues

Going back to visitors experience and confidence, some studies have shown that in England 67% online shoppers will abandon a purchase on a  slow website and also that Improving 1 second a website loading time will increase the conversion rate between 10% and 20%


Now, the default procedure for loading a WordPress webpage is to load everything at once. If you have a lot of images, asking your server to do all the heavy lifting upfront can significantly slow your load speed down.

BJ Lazy Load

Download Lazy Load wordpress speed plugin for free

Another Plugin I want you to have that will speed up your website is


W3 Total Cache

Falling firmly under the category of quick wins, a caching plugin is a must. The W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the most popular caching plugins, and also one of the highest rated.

Download W3 Total Cache wordpress speed plugin for free

The next best free wordpress Plugin that will speed up your website is.



Ensuring your images are properly optimized is another way to shave off some of that vital load time. If your images are too large, not only are they carrying some needless file size (which still needs to be downloaded), but your server also has to use extra resources just to adjust how the image is displayed — it’s an unnecessary waste.

Download SMUSH wordpress speed plugin for free

Another fine free wordpress plugin to grab is the plugin organizer


Plugin Organizer

A slow load time is often attributed to having too many plugins. However, in most cases we need those plugins, so removing them just isn’t an option. Perhaps a better question is not whether you need a particular plugin, but whether you need it on every page. For example, other than on your contact page, do you really need Contact Form 7 loading every time a user wants to read a blog post? Probably not.

Download PLUGIN ORGANIZER wordpress speed plugin for free

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